Ma is In A Hurry

Mr. Keating has a good observation on Ma’s seemingly desperation to sign ECFA.  It is indeed strange and even worrisome why someone would be so eager, so single-minded in signing something that could impact millions of lives.  A logical, cool and calm mind could slow down a bit and hear what others have to say because there are strong oppositions and doubt.  But no…Ma forged ahead.  Although he also give out some promises, those are mostly empty shells.  Furthermore, he also promised 633, among other ridiculous promises before…so the problem is one cannot really trust him much on anything. 

At least those extreme pro-China character such as 曹興誠 are honest.  They all want ECFA, but some are willing to say “yea, that’s right, I want eventual annexation.”  While others like Ma denies, but do it so recklessly.  As Mr. Keating pointed out, where are those advertising money from.  Also, one wonders where are the pressures from?  Business communities?  or China?  


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