ROFL, Orz, This is Getting Rediculous

Could this be the funniest news in 100 years?

建國一百 becomes 精彩一百!  This is too funny.  The phrase 精彩一百 doesn’t even make any sense! 

I actually don’t feel offended though.  If Ma does not recognize ROC’s founding, that is not my business, because what I care about is Taiwan being an independent nation.  In another word, ROC can disappear, but Taiwan has to keep existing.  Actually, it might be better if ROC disappear from Taiwan.  

Of course, in Ma and CCP’s mind, the disappearance of ROC naturally means the annexation of Taiwan, in their own twisted logic.  However, DPP should not try to defend ROC though.  Instead, it should advocate that ROC is destroyed and pronounced dead by Ma, and Taiwan has to move beyond ROC and form its own nation now. 

Either way, who can say Ma is not THE DESTROYER of ROC.  He is now casually hammering in the last few nails.  Taiwanese need to recognize this and know the implications.  We don’t need to care about ROC, but Ma is indeed intending to surrend Taiwan to the PRC, even though it’s not his to surrender.  That is where the problems and dangers lie. 


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  1. Taihan on

    Actually, I think that a more effective response would be to ask this: “Ma keeps saying that Taiwan is a part of the ROC. Now, his government is even denigrating the ROC. Just what does Ma believe in?”

    Leave the question unanswered. Let Taiwanese come to their own conclusions.

    The man is a waffler and his administration is inept. The important thing right now is to show him for the phony he is — a man who can’t even choose an ideological focus.

    It sucks that he is not more pro-Taiwan, but noting that he is leading Taiwan in no direction at all (no Taiwan, no constructive existence as the ROC)has the potential to hit home with a much larger set of voters.

  2. Jade on

    Taiwanese should start to call their country ‘Taiwan Repulic’ or ‘Formosa Republic’, no matter if you are a blue or green supporter, in their daily conversation, address on the mail to a foreign country since even the government admits now that the country ROC is dead. I wonder if the post office cares if everyone start to write address like this:

    100 建國路
    Taipei, Taiwan Republic

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