Clear and Concise Questionings of Reasoning Behind ECFA

A simple but powerful questioning of the logic and reasons behind ECFA.  This piece was posted in Chinese before but now translated to English.

Similarly, in the debate between DPP’s Tsai and KMT’s Ma, many questions have been raised without any proper answers from Ma.  Tsai gave out some pretty good alternatives of Taiwan’s future in terms of trade relations.  Furthermore, Ma stumbled on some logical issue once again.  Because first he accuse DPP of 鎖國,but later accuse DPP of allowing some 400 agriculture products to be imported into Taiwan, while so far KMT allowed none?!?!  The logical problem is you cannot be 鎖國 while opening up for agriculture trade.  Furthermore, the accusations are all “partial truth lie.”  In terms of 鎖國, it is completely BS.  Apparently in KMT’s mind, not furthering opening up to ONLY China in trade and FDI because of security and strategic reasons means 鎖國.  In terms of opening up for agriculture products, they are opened under WTO entry conditions, and is opened for the world, not just China.

Update: Another logical hole in Ma’s argument.


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