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So It’s Finally Decided

So it’s finally decided.

It’s a solid list.  I can see the DPP having potential to win 4 seats in this election…or maybe even all 5 seats, but  that’s really optimistic.  Once again though Taiwan’s election is really unpredictable…so what will happen from now till the election time is anyone’s guess.  But DPP has the potential here IMO.


KMT is Nothing More Than An Agent of China

Haven’t blog for quite a while because of busy schedule.  The following is just some random thoughts of the recent events.

Recently a lot happens that further showing the very nature of KMT as an agent of China.

  • Further ECFA progression with no sign of slowing down
  • Chinese students studying in Taiwan problem (law already passed, without inclusion of DPP’s suggested restriction, and with most population opposing it)
  • Chinese official caught stealing, but was let go
  • More problem on the one Taipei MRT line constructed during Ma’s time as mayor (This time, it’s fire and smoke due to short wiring on high voltage line beside the track).
  • Minister of Health said considering using public health system to pay Chinese hospital for Taiwanese business people currently living in China.

All of these, more or less, indicate that most KMT leaders, especially the ones at the top, never really pay much attention to Taiwan itself, but instead pay attention to China or those special group of people that have significant interest in China.

I am quite convinced that ECFA and the financial MOU will not benefit Taiwan much, if at all, while it can put Taiwan is significant danger (economically and politically).  Chinese students studying in Taiwan is an obvious ploy of CCP to infiltrate Taiwan’s society in order to bring about the annexation.  Chinese students are in the US, Canada and the Europe, of course, but they are quite far away from China in all aspect and therefore the impact would be far less significant.  However, already in Canada and the US there are reports of large Chinese spy rings (ordinary Chinese recruit by Chinese agents).  Taiwan, with its delicate and special situation, cannot afford to allow influx of Chinese students.  This most Taiwanese citizens understand quite clearly and therefore there are large opposition.  However, Ma government once again ignore other voices and continue its singular drive toward integration with China.

 The Chinese official caught stealing and let go was a small news but quite ridiculous.  Make you wonder though, is he the only one?  The MRT on fire just shows that KMT, especially Ma, never considers how to help in making Taipei City and Taiwan into something great.  From his past policies and projects, one can deduce a pattern quite simply: Ma did those projects in a hurry to further his own ambition (gaining popularity to become president), not to pave for the prosperity of Taipei and Taiwan for the next decade.  It’s just a lot of people and those stupid pro blue and foreign media never try to do so.  Now, Ma once again hurrying with his plans without careful consideration.  This leads to a lot of projects that have great risk but little or no gain.  And for WHAT?!?!  Certainly not for any gain of Taiwan.  A Nobel Peace Prize for Ma perhaps.  Boy, if those stupid Nobel Prize committee actually gives him a Nobel Peace Prize, I want to steal that gold coin and shit on it.

Overall things still look grim.  The 5 metropolitan elections hopefully will go well for the DPP, but right now that is the only hope left.

Another funny thing that show how much KMT and Ma like to Bullshit and being arrogant is the “Golden 10 years” phrase put out by Ma during his debate with DPP’s chairwoman Tsai.  It’s really stupid.  While other politicians and party such as DPP etc attempts to draft things such as “declaration of independence”, constitution and its modification, and 10 year national plan, they never claim those things to be bullet proof or “golden.”  But KMT likes shit such as Golden 10 years and 10 big constructions.  Things that sounds lofty and big but never concrete.  Golden 10 years, in what way?  What were the success and failures of the 10 big constructions?  They probably don’t have a freaking clue, they just think whatever they did is all good and big.  Probably now in their mind they are thinking up grand and lofty names for the annexation of Taiwan.