9 Years is Really Enough

The recent mafia shoot out incident in Taichung City involving 4 police men is not the main focal point.  KMT and Mayor Hu tried to blame this on the police chief of Taichung and looking at this as a single incident, but it’s not.  The real question is why has Taichung City gradually became a hotbed of organized crimes for the past 15 or so years?  This single incident is but a small tip of a much larger iceberg.

Of course, this transformation did not start from Hu’s time, but his inability to make any meaningful and beneficial changes in Taichung City is quite obvious.  His single major plan of building a Guggenheim museum in Taichung City was a total failure.  I think it’s safe to say that he is not a capable mayor.

However, it is indeed a puzzlement that Hu enjoys high popularity even though most of his ability is widely recognized as poor.  Some say it is because of his PR skills.  However, PR skill alone is not enough, you need media friendliness.  And indeed, once again pan blue media played a major role in carefully shielding Hu from any blames.  Many Taichung Citizens, furthermore, choose to naively believe his sweet talks because they like his moderate personality.

As people blame Hu for his inability, one also has to look at how the citizens treating the officials.  If the citizens are being passive, being way too forgiving to the intentional and unintentional mistakes, how can the city improve?  Taichung has given Hu 9 years.  Given his not so great performance, that is really enough.  If Taichung citizens give Hu another term, one really has to wonder: what are they thinking?

Related Link: This is actually quite funny, but true lol.

Update: this could be an interesting development.  More followups and confirmations are required though.  However, if it is indeed so, then the side effects and things that people worried about the Chinese tourism deal really come true then.  It is not unreasonable – given the lex security and the convenience, a hitman from China might have a greater chance of succeeding than a domestic hitman.  Looks like the organize crime are also going cross strait.  The government needs to really pay attention to this type of development because it could have a davastating effect in Taiwan’s society.


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