A Good Warning From Liberty Times


This is a very good warning to DPP.  Very insightful. 

DPP needs to understand the fundamental nature of CCP and KMT, the key failure of KMT.  Without those understanding and a solid principle, this type of policy will only be used by the CCP and KMT to shake the foundation of Taiwan.

The fundamental reasoning behind this platform concept seems to be to bring different voice and communication to the CCP.  However, to me, that just sounds way too naive.  The US has tried to do that for many years (through official/unofficial channels).  However, the result is very poor.  It seems to me, CCP does not lack understanding of Taiwan (although a lot of Chinese don’t have a damn clue except what CCP told them: Taiwan is part of China), but it is trying to use this knowledge to bring Taiwan down.

Just look at how the CCP lure KMT and its old guard, and now fully utilizing KMT as its agent within Taiwan.  Look at how it lures business to China, and create tension, division and problems within Taiwan.  Everything it does have traces of calculated scheme in them.  Even though not everything is by design, they certainly use every opportunity in trying to bring Taiwan down in a divide and conquer fashion. 

IMO, this has already happend during ex-President Chen’s time.  Hopefully DPP has learned and has enough wisdom  not repeat the same mistake.


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  1. Echo on

    IMO, the message in this warning represents the view of some pan-green’s “locking self to a corner” and still think that a war can be won that way. It kills the active role that DPP could have played in the battle field of dynamic cross-strait interactions, effectively preventing DPP from having any chance of putting out a say of her own. Thus, the idea, the approach, the plan of DPP’s for the future Taiwan have to be coming from KMT and pro-china media. We all know how it ended up.

    Tsai Ing-wen obviously is smart enough to see this black spot of DPP’s. But many pan-greens are not. As a result, Tsai’s attempt to right this wrong is heavily criticized by people in the green camp who insist on self-isolation. Unfortunately, the Liberty Times seems to play a major role on this.

  2. dixteel on

    I agree that DPP cannot isolate itself, however I think the warning is valid, based on what I know in Chen’s first term and early second term. How will the DPP handle it remain to be seen, but the path is like a mine field and is dangerous to say the least.

    The DPP might be missing from the cross-straight action, but it is more important to pick your battle and battle field wisely than just trying to win a battle. Currently, CCP is the only one that set the rule of the game and invite DPP to join. KMT is but a pawn of CCP. If DPP is not careful and engage the CCP needlessly, there is a danger that it will become similar to KMT in position and losing its strategic strength. You can imagine the KMT using the engagement of DPP to justify its own selling out operations (see, the DPP is talking to CCP as well, we are the same). Even if the hardcore pan green supporters and political aware population understand the difference, will the other people in Taiwan and around the world understand it?

    The US, with its considerable resources, had try to play this game with China, without much result and is actually losing ground IMO. Can the DPP do it? I have no doubt in chairwoman Tsai’s wisdom and intelligence, but I think that a warning like this has its place.

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