We Need Hope

The 626 demonstration proceeded under the rain and grey sky of Taipei.  The worries and anxiety created by ECFA is great among many in the society.  Some hardcore pan blue supporters and some of those retired people don’t give a fuck and disregarded the worries simply as “they don’t even know what ECFA is.”  As if they are superior and more educated.  But are they?   They are the ones that are removed away from the reality of Taiwan and  got shielded by KMT’s considered resources and propaganda.  Do these people who consider themselves superior know what ECFA is?  Do they know its purpose?  Why?  and why now? 

IMO, they know far less than anyone else.  Many that opposes ECFA has good and solid reasons.  Some oppose it because they know ECFA will erode Taiwan’s sovereignty.  Some oppose it because of the decreasing wage and job opportunities ECFA will bring in many sectors.  I personally worries about the possibility of Chinese banks come in and messing up Taiwan’s finance and economies (by giving money to pro-China business, which will create unfair advantages and screw up the competition system in Taiwan).  Some oppose it because it proceeded outside the WTO system and therefore lacks 3rd party arbiter support and can create huge problems for Taiwan.  It does not matter which angles you look at ECFA, the impact and potential danger it brings to the Taiwan is great, because now China has all the initiative.

The more I analyze  it and the more I tried to put all the pieces together, the more I fear for Taiwan’s future.  And I am sure quite many people feel the same way.

However, worries itself cannot solve any problem and cannot help our situation.  Pan green needs to find a good counter measure and damage control to the problems created by ECFA.  This is now absolutely necessary because it looks like KMT is forcing it through no matter what (the last line of defense is the Legislative Yuan.  Some KMT legislators express their discontent about the ECFA, but they are the minority.  Since KMT now has absolute majority, I do not hold high hope for Legislative Yuan).  When the time is right, pan green has to publish these ideas effectively. 

It is essential to bring hope to counter Ma’s one way ticket to China.  Only then can pan green rally even more support.


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