No Need to be Affraid of 鴻海 Exiting

The soup opera drama play out by Foxconn, government and those university professors are quite ridiculous IMO.  Here is my view on this matter. 

Certainly, Taiwan needs to provide a good environment for industry development, innovation and investment etc.  However, that does not include giving unfair favouritism, attention and positive imagery to Foxconn and 郭台銘 just because 郭 is one of the richest man in Taiwan.  In fact, doing so will worsen the economic environment.  Giving favor to Foxconn means suppressing Foxconn’s competitors.  For example, give Foxconn land at discount rate will make lower Foxconn’s operating cost and give pressure to its competitors, who most likely will not get the same favour because they are less well-known and smaller.  This will unavoidably destroy competitions and make Foxconn the monopoly or the dominant corporation.  This is certainly not fair to those smaller industries and is not good for Taiwan.

A good and friendly environment for industries and economic development includes fairness that create positive competition.  This is always something worth remembering.  Instead of focusing on Foxconn alone, Taiwan should focus on creating opportunities for all Taiwanese firms, especially those that just startup and those that can develop a deep root within Taiwan.


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