Politicians Need More Humbleness

Recently there are some really bad drama acted out by the politicians in Taiwan…make you want to puke (figuratively speaking).

The first is from the Kaohsiung DPP politician Yang Chiu-hsing (楊秋興), who has announced that he is running in the mayoral election for the Kaohsiung Municipality.  I don’t know enough to answer the question “楊秋興 or 陳菊, who is more suitable to be the mayor.”  However, I don’t think the is the real issue here.  The problem is that 楊秋興 has not enough legitimacy to run for mayor, although it is his right to do so.  First of all, he was already Kaohsiung county mayor for 9 years…even if he performed well under his term, in the tradition of democratic system, shouldn’t he consider other paths?  Secondly, he lost the internal DPP election.  Even if he himself felt that it’s unfair to him for some reason, I don’t see how that can legitimize his action.

Furthermore, this election is more than just Municipalities elections…in the current context, it’s also a vote of no confidence against the Ma government in his recent surrendering policies toward China.  Also, 楊秋興 in answering reporters question, saying he joined the race because he does not want Kaohsiung to be behind anymore….etc etc.  But…he seemed to forget that he IS Kaohsiung county mayor for the past 9 years.  Why doesn’t he do something or say something if he thinks he can help the situation?  Does he think that he is the only person that can help Kaohsiung?  No other people in his party is better suited for the job?  Such attitude is indeed arrogant.  Although we the people outside of the circle do not know what he is thinking exactly, I think a bit more wisdom and humbleness will help him to become more of a team player instead of a “believer” of 星雲法師 (a pro-China political fake Buddhist monk) and a jerk.

Another person that showed a significant arrogance is Ma, during his speech in KMT party conference, in which he blamed the cause of current problems on DPP’s 8 years once again.  In his speech, it’s obvious that he thinks everything he did is correct and every opposition is wrong.  And in his own words, he said opposing ECFA means being enemies of the people lol.  That sounds exactly like communists and Nazi German.  Also, a lot of what he said simply does not make any sense (a lot of editorial mentioned it, and is also discussed here.  I won’t try to go over the BS point by point).  Once again, this shows Ma and KMT’s arrogance.  However, in this speech, you can also sense a little panic in Ma….because he does seem a bit emotionally unstable (or maybe he acted that way).  Perhaps he realized that many people, even those who voted for him, now view him as one that is selling Taiwan out little by little or view him as an incompetent politician.  That is why he wants to blame everything on the previous administration after 2 years.

In both cases, I think their abnormal behaviour will not help them in their career, but indeed could bite them in the ass.  The chance of 楊秋興 winning is near zero and already many pan green supporters take note and have much less respect for him (in not outright angry with him).  Ma’s usual blaming others for problems with extra emotional unstability will not help him in his image, KMT’s election or his own 2012 election.  Once again, these two events show that Taiwan’s democracy is indeed still not mature.  It also shows that a little humbleness and honest self-assessment really goes a long way IMO.


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