DPP’s HK Commercial

DPP made an interesting commercial filmed in Hong Kong.  The CF can be seen here:


The commercial seems to cause quite a discussion in both Taiwan and Hong Kong:

The CF is pretty good in quality, but based on the reaction, it only scratches the surface of the problems and has not touched the root cause due to the limitation of time, although that might be enough to warn some people in Taiwan.

IMO, the problem of Hong Kong is not “over competition”, but “unfair competition” favoring those with capitals, power and connection with Beijing, created by various formal and informal treaties between Hong Kong and Beijing.  And I think we haven’t seen the full effect yet…probably wait another 10 years and things might become worse, based on the situation of the current generation of students and influx of women from China giving birth in Hong Kong (approximately 46% of babies born in Hong Kong now come from women that come from Beijing and Shanghai etc).

Of course, HK and TW are two very different places, therefore the effects could be a bit different….it could be OK in certain areas, but much worse in others. But in any case, it’s a good warning for those who cares in Taiwan.


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