DPP Needs More Experts in Military Matter

I am sure everyone understands that national defense is not a matter to take lightly.  It is a serious matter concerning the life and death of Taiwan.  Other things such as economic, foreign relations and education also affect the future of Taiwan greatly, but national defense is also part of the factor.

A lot of people have this attitude…”yea, yea, whatever, China is not going to invade.  It is afraid of the US.  Also, the economic tie is too close for any meaningful military action.”  Such attitude I think is too naive and dangerous.  Situation can change.  Right now China is investing heavily in sea denial forces that can hinder the US and other countries ability to intervene.  With military strength now tilting toward China, the amount of time Taiwan can hold out shortens.  I am not trying to stir fears, but the fact is, military matter is an important matter.  Imagine Taiwan is like Hong Kong, without any armed forces except the police.  If that is the case, Taiwan will be annexed by China already.

So what?  Taiwan has its military and its experts, what’s the problem?  The problem is, most of those people are part of KMT network or under KMT influence, while DPP lacks national defense experts within its own party.  DPP right now has a lot of good economic and foreign relation expert, but to my knowledge, not many national defense experts among DPP members.  Therefore, when DPP politicians sometimes discuss national defense matter, I felt they lack the depth and expertise they seem to have in other matters.

This situation creates two significant problems:

KMT owns the national defense discussions.  Those with military credentials and authority are often KMT members.  Two notable examples are 帥化民 and 林郁方.  There are also other military journalists and retired general extra.  The problems are:

  1. are these experts really experts?  Because there are no one from outside questioning or challenging these people’s opinions, no one really knows.  For examples, 帥化民 and 林郁方 said a lot of  things that I think is questionable, but since they are the “expert” while I am not, I cannot really say what they say is wrong.  This is part of the reason why KMT can block the special budget for so long in the legislature during the DPP’s time (the other being that they have more people in legislature).  However, if DPP actually have more national defense experts with good background and credential, they can examine what the KMP politicians (experts) said and challenge them when necessary.
  2. KMT can discuss national defense matter the way they wanted, because they have a monopoly in this matter.  This is a serious problem, because we all know KMT’s pro-China and pro-eventual-unification stances.  Will you hire a thief as a security planner for your house or banks?  Exactly.  But that is what Taiwan is doing now.  If you look at what the KMT did in the past decade – blocking military budget without discussion in legislature and now slashing military budget year by year…you will start to wonder does it want to protect Taiwan or not.  KMT politicians still say they want to buy such and such from the US etc, but I think they only do that for show.  underneath, are they actually trying hard to acquire the weapons and command & control systems etc….I don’t know.

The second problem is simply that without good national defense advisors, even if DPP won the presidential election, this part will still be lacking and can create a lot of headache and problems.  Therefore, I urge DPP politicians to think ahead, think practically and try to get a few military and national defense experts that is loyal to Taiwan and trust worthy on your side.


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