Taipei City Has Became a Black Hole in Budget

Although I know for a long time that Taipei City are wasting quite a lot of money, I was still very shocked to find out the over budgeting problem of the Flower Exhibition in Taipei.  I did not realize the waste of money could be so huge.

大話新聞 has been talking about this for several days now, and the more they discuss the more problematic things look.  One thing that really shocked me is the call-in yesterday, in which two Taipei City official called in to express their opinion.  The ignorance and arrogance they displayed is beyond my comprehension.  Sure, I make mistakes too…but these guys made a huge mistake but still act as if they are the men….it’s really ridiculous.  One guy (Yang) mention he had such and such long professional experience and accuse the show for being unprofessional, but he himself made a huge mistakes in city government procurement procedures.  Of course, with price difference so huge, it might not be just single incidental mistake, but a systematic problems and possibly systematic corruptions.

Right now the problem is not only why Taipei City got so much share of budget with such small area.  (of course, Taipei City got a lot of tax, but that is partially because a lot of companies have headquarters in Taipei City.  Those companies also have offices and factories else where perhaps but tax is only collected in Taipei City.  Therefore it still does not really make sense)…But also, that it is WASTING a huge amount of money.  Taipei City is not really improving, and other local government has no budget.  Just imagine what we can do with the wasted budget of Taipei City!!!!!


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