Some People Still Cannot Jump Out of the Box

It is quite interesting to observe that some academia or politicians still cannot jump out a box which China has set up during their policy thinking.  Take an example, the FTA with Singapore.  This is a small and older news, but from the development of FTA with Singapore we see how pan blue always based their policy on China centric thinking.

For example, no one seems to care about just what exactly are the benefits of signing a FTA deal with Singapore, and indeed, what exacly are the benefits and problems of signing a FTA with ASEAN.  Now it seems people only care about signing deals because it’s a “trust” issue with China and because Ma promised to sign FTAs after signing ECFA with China.  They seem to sign FTA for FTA’s sake.  Let’s really clarify:  FTA is just an economic agreement, it’s not some holy grail.  It’s not a the more the merrier type of deal. 

And certainly, signing FTA does not mean “peace.”  Look at China’s expansionism mindset after its signing of FTA with ASEAN.  Now all of sudden South China sea is China’s “core” interests when traditionally the area is occupied and governed by international communities around the area.  Same with Japan and China: after years of increasing trade and foreign investment into China, Japan’s coast guard got hit by a fishing boat and the fiasco starts.  Tension certainly does not decrease after years of trade, but China certainly has become more assertive and arrogant.  Now it looks more and more like China wants everything in the western Pacific.  This development certainly does not go well to all the other nations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Going back to the main topic.  I am not saying signing FTA with Singapore is a bad thing, but Taiwan needs to have a Taiwan centric thinking when signing this deal.  Otherwise, this type of deals will only be a tool of pro-China politicians and a waste of time and money, because they will not be negotiated with Taiwan’s interests in mind.


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