The Pros and Cons of the Most Intiminating Flag in the World

This is a late post regarding the subject of the 開南 University flag problem in some basketball tournament.  A lot of people have express their opinion.

So to sort of summarize and also add in my bits:


  • To Chinese this flag is extremely scary.  The relationship between ROC flag and Chinese is equivalent to the relationship between a Cross and a Vampire.  This could be very useful for those human activists or patriotic sports fan who want their national team to have an automatic win over China.  (I think someone should  bring this flag to the Gymnastic tournament to add some excitement).
  • Had some nice cameo appearance in Hollywood movies (Top Gun, Pursuit of Happiness).


  • No one in Taiwan really likes it.  KMT consistently try to hide it as if it’s a pornography.  DPP questions its validity as a national flag.  It is only there because it’s the “lowest denominator,” where most people see it as national symbol just because everyone else know what it is and no alternative exist.  The feeling is not the same as the feeling of American toward their national flag, for example.
  • It’s not really artistically well designed.  Too much red (3/4 of area).  Plus too much contrast (because red and blue side by side). 

Anyway, the jury is still out.  I suggest though that Taiwan should create a new national flag, and the ROC flag can be a “religious” symbol, like a Christian cross, instead.  Then Taiwanese can have a national symbol that everyone agrees to, and the ROC flag can be used to scare off Vampires.


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