A Puzzling Problem DPP Should Ponder On

Liberty Times did a poll that had some interesting result, namely that in Taipei City more females support KMT’s Hau (40.59% over 32.75%), and more males support DPP’s Su (42.47% over 32.85%).  Now why is that?

First of all, we can rule out sex appeal, which might be the reason for Ma (although I fail to see it) but not for Hau, because you can hardly call Hau as handsome or charismatic.  Granted, Su’s appearance is older and less attractive, but his lack of attractiveness should not contribute to Hau’s attractiveness.  Furthermore, I am sure most people, excluding the idiots, know that they are selecting a mayor, not a husband, a friend or a prostitute, so I don’t think physical appearance is that huge of factor in this election.  Furthermore, Su’s persona is kind of unique and different which should helped him stand out actually.

The question then becomes, why DPP consistently fail to attract more female voters?  The same thing happened in 2008 presidential election…and if my memory serves me correctly, I don’t think DPP had much advantage in attracting female voters even if the candidate is female (and KMT’s candidate is male).  Looking at Ma, it is even more puzzling.  There are tons of guys that are more handsome than him, so why is it that a lot of females think him attractive….could this be some sort of long time media implementation into the female mind?

Therefore, I think DPP might want to look into this a bit, if it wants to have more success in the coming elections, including 2012 presidential election.  Why is KMT able to appeal to more female voters, even though it sucks big time?  What is the general difference between males’ and females’ the mindset and access of information and community?  Who has more influence on the female voters? 

The fate of Taiwan might rest on this.


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  1. David on Formosa on

    I think it may not be related to “handsomeness” per se which is very subjective. But I think the way that Hau and Su are perceived and presented in the media is different. Hau would be seen as a refined, cultured “Chinese man”. This contrasts with the more down to earth, vernacular and Hoklo speaking Su. This really exposes some common prejudices in Taiwanese society. Although Su has broad appeal, especially among DPP voters, his characteristics are not valued as much in Taipei City.

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