AP Controversy

Taipei Times had some detail report of this controversy.  For me though, this is but a further confirmation of Ma’s twisted mind and his intent for China’s annexation of Taiwan.  Yea, he came up with a bunch of explanation and saying that AP wrote it wrong etc, but that does not really matter.

Ma lied a lot before, and this is not the first time he said one thing in English and then later said another in Mandarin.  AP is not so innocent neither.  This reporting agency consistently kisses China’s ass and put Taiwan down.  However, I don’t think a reporting agency will actually report an interview that is too far from the truth.  Most importantly, however, is the fact that even after Ma’s “fixes,” what he said is not that much better. 

The truth is, Ma and those around him has an agenda, and they are pushing hard toward their goal while sacrifice Taiwan’s well beings and sovereignty.  It does not really matter that much what he said before, because all those are just cover ups.  His actions in the past 2 years have spoken louder than words indeed.


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