Professional Gaming in Taiwan

There is a big event for professional gamers going on now: the BlizzCon at Anaheim, California.  There are actually two professional gamers from Taiwan in the invitational tournament of Starcraft 2, SEN and SoftBall:

South Korea is the bastion of professional gamers, especially with Starcraft.  However, Taiwan also had some very good professional gamers.  For example, SEN is a famous long time Starcraft player.  Obviously, not everyone knows much about computer / videos games, and most of us see it as just an entertainment.  However, to some, it’s more like a competitive sports or Chess.

So while Taiwanese cheers for the professional baseball, tennis, and other sport athletes, and Go masters who have successful careers in Japan, maybe some attention should be giving to the emerging professional gaming.  There are already substantial gaming community in Taiwan.  From the standpoint of view of Taiwan, there are some benefits:

  • Taiwan has a lot of computer and high-tech related industries, whose sponsorship would benefit both the players and the company in terms of brand building and marketing.  (In fact, ASUS is one of the sponser of BlizzCon, along with Intel and Nvidia).
  • The professional gaming community is highly internationalized.  More attention to it would be in accordance of the general strategy of “internaionalize” Taiwan, which the government likes to advocate but often fail to do.  (KMT even thinks they can “internationalize” through China, which is completely BS…if we look at Taiwan’s history, the further away it is from China, the more internationalized it becomes…but that’s another topic.)
  • It’s just entertaining to watch as well.

Currently, there is a TV channel that broadcast some game tournament, but it would be nice to see more of it.  Of course, this depends on Taiwan’s society and market etc, but I think the computer and media industry should recognize this opportunity.  Many people are complaining that the government and society do not show enough support for athletes and only cheer for them after they succeeded.  Well, perhaps in the video / computer game arena, more support now could mean a big difference in the future.

(Once again, an important thing to note is that for Taiwan, not every opportunity lies in China.)


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  1. AJ on

    Doing a little research in pro gaming myself, I could not agree more. The country has enough technology companies based here to sponsor and support, so I don’t see why Taiwan could not be a second mecca for pro gaming not unlike Korea.

    If Taiwan had more of an e-sports scene I would consider staying long term.

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