Less than 30 Days for Metropolitan Elections

The five metropolitan elections are coming soon (Nov 27, 2010).  I think for the first time, DPP really have winning chances in all 5 cities.  To me, the choice is quite obvious, because each DPP candidate in each city is just superior.

However, I am not totally optimistic about the situation yet.  Taipei City, New Taipei City and Taichung City are still traditional KMT strong hold.  Although their candidates are really weak, the survey still shows 50-50 in both Taipei City and KMT’s Hu with a slight edge over DPP’s Su.  But there is still a month to go, so many things can happen. 

DPP apparently also gain quite a food hold in younger voters, which is quite an achievement in itself.  However, they really have to mobilize these younger people to vote in order to turn support into results.


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