The Burning, The Blockade and The Smear

I was very busy over the past month, so there is no time for me to write stuff.  But these recent events really piss me off somewhat. 

The first one is the burning of the Taiwanese singer, Selina, during filming involving explosives in Shanghai.  The second is Chinese officials’ blocking in Tokyo Film Festival, which prevent Taiwanese actors and actress to walk the green carpet.  The 3rd just happens yesterday, in Guangzhou 2010 asian para games in China, where Taiwanese Taekwondo competitor, Yang, got disqualified because of accusation of socks problems.

These stuffs are not related, and I am not involved of course, but adding them together make me feel the need to release the rage a little.  They all involve Taiwanese women getting hurt in China or by Chinese officials.  The first one it’s both physical and emotional.  The second one it’s emotional (twice).  The third one IMO is a personal insult.  I am sure all these women are strong in their own way, and with their family and friends’ support, they will get over it somehow.  But still I feel pissed off.

I know for the 3rd, there still requires some clarifications on details…I might be biased, like many Taiwanese now, but based on current information, I am heavily leaning on Chinese officials meddling the affair.  Especially Chinese Taekondo Association’s official, 趙磊, could be really problematic.  Unfortunately…I think only a few Taiwanese media will try to find out what exactly happened.

At the same time, now some people, especially KMT supporters, once again try to direct public discontent over this incident toward South Korea, and ignore China.  Now I just find this retarded.  South Korea is not even involved in this shit.  Sure, one of the judge is Korean by ethnicity, but that’s one guy.  Furthermore, he was told by趙磊 to stop the match basically (in you watch the video over the incident).  Can you blame the US for the 2008 Olympic Baseball’s rigged schedule that result in Taiwanese team’s loss just because baseball originated in the US?  No.  Speaking of which, did any M****r F*****g officials follow-up on that shit?  Anyway, I think the public should focus the attention on the matter that just happen in China, not some 3rd party that is not even directly involved.

With all these bad news for Taiwanese women, fortunately there is one good news.  The Electronic Sport League (ESL) EU Crowns Taiwan’s Linda champion in second ESL EU female gaming tournament of Starcraft 2.  Yea, who gives a flying f**k about Guangzhou 2010?  Starcraft 2 tournament is more fun to watch.


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