Ma is Still Living in Fantasy Land

I cannot believe Ma said such things in the new year.  He seems to be living in a fantasy land.  Somehow he thinks this ghost of ROC is the “chosen one” of some sort that will be the leader of greater China and Chinese civilization lol.

Only 2 types of people will share this “wet dream.”  One, those arrogant morons who somehow think they are “superior Chinese” that can “lead” the “Chinese civilization.”  Two, those in China who want to annex Taiwan and are glad that such arrogance exist, and would like to use the false pride of the few as a tool against Taiwan.

Look, the only people that can decide the path of China are Chinese.  They don’t need a bunch of fools to lead them around, especially not KMT.

In any case, whatever he said in this part completely lost the point to any pragmatic Taiwanese.  What he said and what his party do is not in the interest of Taiwan.  All Ma and his party did in the past 3 years in strengthening China and CCP while weakening Taiwan.  Any pragmatic person would have a more concrete vision such as a better Taiwan instead of this weird and illusive “greater China” imperial dream.

I also fear that these type of people who strongly believe in some borderline lunatic theology are prone to extreme emotion and actions.  However, due to the fact that Ma and his government hides all ROC flags and symbols during the visit of small officials from China, it is possible that they are doing and saying this as a facade and lie.

Similar to some of the religious leaders, they uphold this religion not for their beliefs in  Heaven or God, but for money and power.  Whether they are a bunch of religious fanatics or religious hustlers remain to be seen.  But in either case they are most likely leading Taiwan to disaster. 

Fortunately I do think that those who truly believe them are extremely minority in Taiwan.  However, with KMT spending huge amount of government money in advertisement and changing school curriculum, I fear they are once again spreading their drug throughout Taiwanese society.


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