DPP Needs to be Ready to Clean Up the Mess That KMT Will Leave Behind

In DPP chairwoman Tsai’s New Years Statement, she outlined DPP’s objectives in the coming years.  One of the chief political objective of DPP is of course to gain more (a lot more) seats in Legislature, and win the presidential race.  Make no mistake, KMT will do everything in its power to stop this from happening, as the 18% interest legalization can attest.  Not only this, CCP will also get involved for sure.  The “vote buying” action will be in full swing.  I hope Taiwanese can see that when these supporters speak for KMT and CCP, if they are  just doing so for THEIR OWN INTERESTS.  (Example: all these public employees that defend Ma and support KMT candidates.  Now you really have to wonder, maybe they just do this so they or their relatives can get their 18%).

However, more important issue is, DPP really has to be prepared to clean up the mess that KMT will leave behind, and it will not be easy.  A few things DPP has to deal with that I can think of:

  • The impact of ECFA and potential economic retaliation and threat from CCP
  • 18% interest and its side effect on Taiwanese economy and society
  • Large amount of government deficit
  • Lack of budget for local government

And those are only the immediate problems.  Medium term problems would include problems from education and judiciary system.  The task would be daunting, and DPP cannot underestimate it.


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