Help? Show Off? Or Just Create Chaos?

Recently Taiwanese media paid a lot of attention to 陳光標, a Chinese tycoon that come to Taiwan to “throw money around.”  I used the phrase “throw money around” instead of “donation,” because indeed, he is literally throwing money around instead of donating.

I have never seen anyone, west and east, who is so “flamboyant” when trying to help others (he even pile cash into a wall…now you don’t see people do that every day).  Especially in Taiwan, a lot of people prefer not to gain too much publicity when helping others.  There is a large amount of anonymous donation made in Taiwan every year.  (For example, 陳光標 plans to throw out 100 million NTD, which is actually quite small in comparison to Taiwan’s 6.8 billion NTD donation to Sichuan earth quake.)  In any case, the sum is not the real point.  Sure, some money will help people to get by for a few months…but then what?  They will face the same money problem.  Once again, social safety net, sincerity, kindness of the society, and government or NGO’s ability to help those to help themselves, are what really counts.  This whole thing is more like a fiasco and propaganda.

Let’s pull up stuff just for some interesting comparisons:

  • First, remember those car chase in movies…sometimes the one being chase just throw money and expensive stuff out of the car to create chaos on the road in order to delay the chasers.  Remember the movie Batman (the old one, not the new one), where Joker and his gang goes to downtown to throw money around during the New Year?  That is so similar to this situation.  Of course, 陳光標 is not releasing some physical poison gas…but, is he not releasing some psychological poison into Taiwanese society?  Just look at the madness and chaos that follows him.
  • Let’s look at what other NGOs are doing in Taiwan, and those other donors in Taiwan…and compare…don’t you find this really weird.  Why didn’t the media reports more on this?  Just because a guy is a lot more eager to show off? 
  • Finally let’s look at how the US helped Taiwanese during the 1950s when Taiwan was in real trouble…do they just throw money around and create chaos?  Or do they try to help Taiwan catching its own fish?

But in any case, perhaps the most important thing to remember is that all these are caused partially by the lousy job Ma is doing.  The weird, stupid and crazy phenomenon is a reflection of how much worse Taiwan has become after Ma become president.  (Man…if you look at the 18% interest shit and this…you really wonder, WTF is Ma thinking?)

UPDATE: A very good point brought out by this short article.


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