The Cause of Taiwan’s Recent Predicament

Unlike what a lot of western media who choose to trust Chinese CCTV propaganda tried to portray, not everything is rosy between Taiwan and China, and for some in Taiwan, there are increasing evidence of impending storm on the horizon.  Things might not become worse, in fact, it might become better.  However, there are events happening at the same time that  really look quite peculiar, and really got me thinking:

China’s 遼寧 governor comes to Taiwan to lobby for more Taiwanese investment into China: 

The strange thing about this, as pointed out in the article, is that 1st, Taiwan really does not need more investment into China.  Common sense dictate that Taiwan already has huge investment in China and there is really no reason for more.  2ndly, as described in the article, at least one of the business man got hustled and lost about 100,000,000 NTD (about 3,300,000 USD), in which 遼寧 governor, 陳政高, is involved.  Obviously, this simple fact should be known by more people, and I am glad that TSU take the time to point this out.  On the bigger picture though, isn’t this quite ridiculous?  You have a Chinese officials with bad record, come to Taiwan to lobby during the time when Taiwan should not invest more into China.  TSU chairman said it very well…what exactly is the Ma government’s intention in facilitate this type of visit?

The Situation between Taiwan and Philippine: 

This is actually a quite interesting situation.

First of all, it reminds me of the fairy tale of the naked king and the boy who points it out.  In this case, Ma is the naked king, and Philippine is the smart boy.  When most of the Taiwanese choose to hide the heads in the sand, Philippine government does not give a shit, and uses Ma’s own agreement to “one China principle” against Ma himself.  Since Ma agree that Taiwan is part of China or “represent China” (whatever that means), Philippine did nothing wrong by sending those suspects to China, because they are “Chinese” by Ma’s own definition.  Of course, if you really look closely from a legal point of view, that does not make sense because they are in fact not Chinese citizens.  However, by Ma’s own logic, there is nothing wrong!  Therefore, Philippine of course does not need to apologize!

Looking from another perspective, however, one realize just how much trouble Taiwan is in because of Ma’s stupidity and China’s increasing assertiveness in Asia-Pacific.  It is obvious that Philippine was pressured by China into sending the suspects to China.  (Interestingly, there is news that some Filipino might get executed by China…which Philippine and China is still negotiating on it seems)  More and more, China is bullying its neighbours in every way possible.  Especially against Taiwan (which is kind of funny if you think about it…right after this incident, which clearly China is responsible, they have a huge group of people come to Taiwan to lobbying for investment.  How does that work?  Taiwan has sunk so low now that it looks like a whore).  China consistently uses its weaker neighbours such as ASEAN countries, South Korea and Japan to isolate and pressure Taiwan.  Hack, even the US and Canada is used by China from time to time.

So I think there are actually 2 things that Taiwan has to consider here.  First thing is, “dignity” does have a “worth.”  It is not worthless thing that you should just exchange for something else.  For some, “dignity” is even priceless.  Furthermore, without dignity, there is no reputation, no brand, which is bad for private enterprise and economies in the long-term.  Second thing is, more form of pact and alliance needs to be established between Taiwan and its neighbor.  Taiwan has long been ignorant of its southern neighbours especially.  It is time to form greater understanding and more collaboration with them.  It is the only way that smaller and weaker countries can gain more freedom of maneuvering in the face of stronger oppressor, by forms of alliance.  It does not mean formal alliance like NATO, because that is simply impossible given the current circumstances, but more loose and informal one could help as well.  Of course, conflicts of interest is unavoidable, but how one resolve them is more important.


It is quite interesting that Ma before the election portray an image that he and KMT are more “internationalized” and have more “international” view of the world.  I would say they have fooled many.  They promise to lead Taiwan further into the global society, but after 3 years, Ma and KMT “sinolize” Taiwan more instead of “internationalize” Taiwan more (a very good evidence of this is Ma government making old Chinese literature mandatory in high school curriculum).  The simple fact is, KMT and Ma’s thinking never changed for the past 40 years, except that their loyalties now lie with the CCP.  They just know how to package themselves to look modern and “internationalize.”  However, their policy, their interview, and their day-to-day action and talks simply reflect how old and how “Chinese” they are.  There is nothing wrong for them to choose to be that way, but the problem is, can Taiwanese see through the disguise and do Taiwanese want these type of people to continue their leadership?  That is the real unknown here.


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