DPP Has a Much Better Grasp About Foreign Relation


Check out this clip and listen to the DPP legislator.  He has a much better grasp about the severity of the recent Taiwan-Philippine-China problem (much better insight than the KMT and pan blue media’s shallow emotional reaction).  As he pointed out, Ma is simply useless because he only complaints to Philippine but does not complaints to 陳雲林 and China, who is the one truly responsible.  Philippine is not a dumb ass.  It knows that Ma cannot offend China, so why should Philippine listen to Taiwan at all? 

For some reason, some people think that KMT and Ma is better at diplomatic relationship than DPP, but this incident clearly shows the opposite.  KMT and Ma really act like a bunch of idiots and whores in this one.  I think the primary reason why DPP had difficulty in diplomacy during the Chen administration, especially with the US, is because KMT still controls majority of diplomats.  The diplomats, instead of facilitating communication between Taiwan administration and the outside world, sabotaging communication and relationship.  This is very evident after the Chen administration, when these same diplomats (like the famous 郭 stationed in Toronto) start to show their true color by leaning toward China.

DPP needs to learn this lesson well.  The current ROC diplomats cannot be trusted fully.   Some counter measure and diplomats loyalty assessment is required.


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