Another Excellent Blog on The Recent Issue with China and Philippine

Another excellent blog on the same issue: 轉移焦點的招數每次都會有效嗎??

Like I mentioned before, Philippine is not stupid.  When Ma government act like this, I don’t think even the pan-red(blue) people take him seriously.  International relation sometimes seems ridiculously complex and stupid, but IMO the underlining principle seems quite simple: if you don’t respect yourself and others, others will not respect you.  And the core of the problem, like the blog pointed out, is not the Philippine (or South Korea) but something along the lines of “a collective fear of the gradual loss of sovereignty to China”.  This is what Taiwanese might be worried about: “what if I also did something that somehow displeased Chinese government, would I also get send to China regardless of where I am?”  That is the tyranny of fear Ma puts Taiwan under, perhaps even more terrifying than the thousands missiles China placed across the strait.


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