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Explosion of Foxconn

Recently there was an explosion in Foxconn’s factory in China.  This happens right after the company tries to move its supply chains west inland in China to lower the labour cost.

Like I mentioned before, I do not like the company Foxconn that much and I don’t like their strategy of just keep chasing after the cheapest labour in China.  From the company point of view, I don’t think this is the right and sustainable strategy.  And looking at it from a Macro perspective, it does not add much economic benefit to Taiwan.  On the bigger scheme of things, the company and its capital basically got dragged by China’s policy further and further west (yea…the company really looks like China’s bitch) while its profit margin gets lower and lower.

I already mentioned a lot why I think these type of companies do not benefit Taiwan and can actually create problems for Taiwan…so I won’t repeat them here.  And now it seems the company’s relentless pursuit of cheap labour (instead of automation or other strategy direction) really back fires.  (6 suicide, and now explosion in its new factory…really a managerial disaster that few companies face).

Right now the company still makes money simply due to economy of scale, but I think in the long term there should be other Taiwanese companies that can substitute it.  I think we can also use Foxconn as a benchmark that Taiwan should cross over…in another word, when Taiwan has some companies that surpass companies such as Foxconn that have to rely on China, in terms of profitability and size, then you know Taiwan has successfully upgrades its economy.


The Discrimination and Injustice of International Community

The recent WHO leaked document and various other things happening in the international community got me thinking.  While Ma and China are the main culprits behind these unilateral change of Taiwan’s status that severely insulted Taiwan’s sovereignty and dignity, I also feel that the international organizations are extremely friendly toward China and discriminate Taiwan.

Think about it, the US and all these international organizations keep saying Taiwan should keep “Status quo,” especially before 2008, during Chen’s administration.  (Can’t change constitution, can’t change name,…etc etc…these f****** practically try to meddle Taiwan’s own business)  But now they are the one that seem overly eager to change Taiwan’s status to “Province of China”.  It really makes me feel a great sense of betrayal.

While these “intellectuals” give their big talk on human rights and “helping the poor, environment and world peace…blah, blah, blah.” (Chinese officials in WHO says the same shit.) their organizations create process and norm that changes Taiwan status and discriminate against Taiwan.  It just seems that China has a much easier time controlling and influencing these so-called international organizations.  Well, actually, these organizations are basically China’s whores in a sense.

Now why is this?  I do not know…but yea these organizations and the scum bags that filled them disgust me more and more.  But I suppose there is not much we can do except somehow defend Taiwan from these farts and let those organizations rot.

The Death of ROC by Ma

Hehe…haven’t blog for a long time.  Recently there are a lot of things happenings in and around Taiwan that are  significant to Taiwan:

  • The Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Disaster in Japan: The devastation in Japan definitely has many significant meanings to Taiwan.  1. Because of the potential earth quake and tsunami in Taiwan, the disaster in Japan is a huge warning sign that Taiwan has to heed.  Taiwan currently has 4 nuclear power plants.  In so small an area, a similar disaster could be a lot worse in Taiwan.  Anyone with some brain would like to shut those nuclear plants down by finding alternative energy source and ways to use electricity more efficiently.  2. Taiwan actually donated the most money to Japan (even more than the US).  This surprised me somewhat because it indicates a very strong tie in private sector between Japan and Taiwan.  And for those that can understand Japanese or Chinese, there is an interesting discussion in a Japanese television show:
  • DPP’s  Tsai to Run for Presidency: Another big news is of course DPP’s chairwoman Tsai Ing-Wen victory in DPP’s presidential candidate election and is now running for Presidency.  So far the poll is positive, and there is indeed a chance that Tsai can win in 2012.  But I don’t want to be over optimistic here because I know KMT and CCP will do anything in their power to win, and their combined force would be considerable.  However, Ma’s (and perhaps even KMT’s) popularity is indeed dwindling.  We will just have to wait and see.
  • World Health Organization (WHO)’s Leaked Document: The most recent development is the leaked document from WHO in which it informs all its member to use the term “Taiwan Province of China” to call Taiwan….etc.  I don’t want to go into great detail here, because it is all over the news in Taiwan anyway.  Needless to say, this is a huge blow to the Ma government and China, and both are now trying to deflect the anger of Taiwanese by lying.  (check out the video…mildly funny to see jerks trying to cover lies with more lies).
  • Professional Starcraft 2 in Taiwan: This is not a big thing for Taiwan, but to Starcraft 2 fans this is a good news and actually it gave me some interesting insight when put together with the other major events.  Artosis, a famous Starcraft professional player and commentator, actually visited Taiwan and did a fantastic video of the new tournament.  It is obvious that he had a positive impression of Taiwan.

So basically here is just some of my extra thought based on these recent event:

Private sector and individual seem to have more appreciation of Taiwan.  As indicate by the events, it seems clear that private sector and individuals are much more friendlier than public sector and international institution to Taiwan.  At least from Taiwan’s perspective, international institutions have continuously add insults upon insults against Taiwan.  (Personally I want to put KMT, China, WHO, UN and Olympic flags together and burn them)

This is especially true for those private sector and individuals that do not have any tie with China.  Western game industry, for example, has a tough time in China (due to censorship), so they seem to be friendlier toward Taiwan.  Individuals such as 山際澄夫 and Artosis, who do not based their living on China, could be free in treating Taiwan as what it is, not what China says it is, based on simple conscience and common sense.   Where as international institutions have to be China’s bitches.  Of course, not all individuals and private organizations are friendly to Taiwan.  Some are brain washed by China and some have vast interests in China…etc, but nevertheless, overall they are better than large international organizations.

This re-affirm my theory that, Taiwan cannot gain international support through international institutions.  The more governmental and bureaucratic the institutions are, the more China has penetrated them, and the less support Taiwan can gain from them.  (WHO, Olympics, UN are the some top examples).  Therefore, perhaps this calls for a new strategic thinking in international relationship for Taiwan.  I am not saying giving up on trying to gain ground with big institution, but Taiwan should understand that organization such as UN is not the place where Taiwan can gain support.  Instead, perhaps Taiwan can gain more from individuals and organizations that are more immune to the economic leverage of China.

The recent actions of Ma government finally puts the last nail to the coffin of ROC.  The name ROC no longer has any meaning what-so-ever outside of Taiwan and history.  It is ironic that the final blow comes from someone who pan-blue thinks is the champion of ROC.  ROC IMO is now truly dead. (Taiwan might still use ROC flag and part of ROC constitution, but those are more like legacy inheritance from an entity that is already gone…like someone pull the boots from a dead body and wears them even though they don’t fit very well because he/she has no shoes)  But now the real question is, what will and should happen to Taiwan?  Ma and those around him is still eager to sell Taiwan out to China, as are some of the governmental officials in the US who have vast interest in China.  On the other hand, of course, there are those who want to defend the interest of Taiwan.  This is both an opportunity and a threat…I am optimistic, but will have to wait and see what happens next.