The Discrimination and Injustice of International Community

The recent WHO leaked document and various other things happening in the international community got me thinking.  While Ma and China are the main culprits behind these unilateral change of Taiwan’s status that severely insulted Taiwan’s sovereignty and dignity, I also feel that the international organizations are extremely friendly toward China and discriminate Taiwan.

Think about it, the US and all these international organizations keep saying Taiwan should keep “Status quo,” especially before 2008, during Chen’s administration.  (Can’t change constitution, can’t change name,…etc etc…these f****** practically try to meddle Taiwan’s own business)  But now they are the one that seem overly eager to change Taiwan’s status to “Province of China”.  It really makes me feel a great sense of betrayal.

While these “intellectuals” give their big talk on human rights and “helping the poor, environment and world peace…blah, blah, blah.” (Chinese officials in WHO says the same shit.) their organizations create process and norm that changes Taiwan status and discriminate against Taiwan.  It just seems that China has a much easier time controlling and influencing these so-called international organizations.  Well, actually, these organizations are basically China’s whores in a sense.

Now why is this?  I do not know…but yea these organizations and the scum bags that filled them disgust me more and more.  But I suppose there is not much we can do except somehow defend Taiwan from these farts and let those organizations rot.


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