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Don’t Say “It Does Not Matter Whomever Get Elected?”

A lot of pan-blue supporters who pretend to be “neutral” or people who do not care so much about public matters like to use this phrase “it does not matter whomever get elected” ever since there is an election.

But of course it matters.  Maybe shit won’t happen to you, but it might happens to your children.

Look at today’s (or maybe it was out yesterday, I don’t know) news:

現在國二生適用 / 四書列高中必選 不及格不能畢業

THIS IS TERRIBLE.  A totally brainless and backward education policy that is so bad and “China Center”.  It cannot get any worse than this.  (On a second thought, under Ma, worse things are possible) Would this absolutely terrible policy happens under DPP administration?  NO.

This terrible policy is not a matter of blue or green, it is an atrocity to our next generation’s education.  Would today’s corporation welcome this policy?  No, because how does studying 四書 help them become more effective employees?  Do students like this?  Absolutely not.  It is a complete waste of their time.  This only people that would like this is the absolute deep blue that still live in 10th century probably.

Give the students time to immerse themselves in subjects that are more important and useful.  If some students like to study 四書 (which I doubt there are many), let them.  Make 四書 an elective.  But making them mandatory is an absolute tyranny.


China Expansion

Michael Turton’s blog brought out some interesting new development.  And also this report linked on his blog.

Firstly a big applause to Charles Tannock, chairman of the European Parliament-Taiwan Friendship Group.  Finally a 3rd party that has the balls to stand up to WHO chairwoman Chan and her master in China.  He also focused on the main issue, which is the change of status.  This is indeed very good.

However, there is indeed the branding issue, namely the poor name, Chinese Taipei, which was agree upon by KMT 30 years ago.  The name simply brings confusion and should be changed eventually.  I think mostly KMT agreed to this name because there is a “Chinese” in it.  Once again, KMT’s “China” policy put Taiwan in a bad spot.  Nevertheless, this is separated issue that need to be dealt with over the long term… (again, this is the reminder to Taiwanese, be vigilant about names and status, because once those are set, they are difficult to change)

The South China Sea situation really got me thinking…China is indeed trying to expand and flex its muscle where-ever possible.  In the past, China was only aggressive against Taiwan.  But now it seems its ambition is indeed much larger.

This is indeed very contradictory to the usual picture painted by Chinese official and western (or Chinese) media.  Chinese officials always use phrases such as “peace” and “economic development” whenever possible.  Western media very often focus solely on Chinese economic development…probably mainly because that’s what most westerners want to know, where is the hot market etc.

Like Mr. Turton pointed out many times before, China now shift its attention and ambition else where now that it subdue Taiwan through Ma.  Therefore, there are now rising tensions else where.  In another word, China is the source of the tension, and it just shifts it around.  It is also interesting to note that China seems to always deal with others in the divide and conquer fashion.  Before, it be-friendly the ASEAN countries to isolate Taiwan.  Also, it forces Philippine to turn against Taiwan.  Now it is dealing with ASEAN countries on the South China Sea problem individually, not as a whole.  As pointed out by the Asian Sentinel article, some ASEAN countries don’t want to attract China “attention” and therefore do not show support for Vietnam and Philippine.   What we all should know though, is that this is a divide and  conquer strategy…therefore one cannot avoid the tension, eventually the “tension” will turn to you.  In this situation, the best thing to do is actually to unite and resist.  But boy…I don’t think optimum scenario will happen because most of the politicians in Asia Pacific are short sighted bureaucrats that would rather avoid troubles than think in the longer term.   Plus each countries have their own agenda of course.  But we will see what happens.

So it is quite clear…China is indeed trying to expand its influence.  Be it South China Sea or WHO.  And the only way to stop this is probably for everyone  to  just have some balls, like Mr. Tannock.

Update: another European Parliament member that is friendly to Taiwan, Hans van Baalen, visited Taiwan and talked to students.  I like his view point and advice.  And kudos to 林睿哲 for the successfully invitation.

True? :-D

Haha…this is so true.  Will Taiwan make the right decision in 2012?  We will see.

(Edit: but then again…what is up with Ma’s 讚妹團?  Those girls certainly look foolish.  But actually, that is a perfect example of guys thinking with their d**k instead of their brain.  Those girls probably made a bunch of money (although if I am a girl I won’t want to dance around and looking like a fool).  And this act of objectify girls might actually irritate some women.  So Ma is probably the real fool here.)

Result of CCP and KMT Propaganda

A lot of interesting happens recently.  But the following is just a random thought that has nothing to do with the recent events.

The more I think about it, the more I realize ever since WW2 information and ideas could be used as weapons, sometimes achieving destruction even greater than nuclear bombs.  The obvious examples are Nazi’s propaganda against Jews and political oppositions, communists’ propaganda and of course China’s “Great Leap Forward” and “Culture Revolution.”  However, a lot of times people don’t seem to realize what a lasting effect CCP and KMT propaganda has on the current delima faced by Taiwan.

Take, for example, CCP and KMT’s continuous claim that Taiwan is part of China.  If we ignore all the propaganda spread by them, we will realize that ROC(KMT)’s claim on Taiwan is really problematic, and PRC(CCP)’s claim on Taiwan is complete BShit.  However, because both parties have been claiming on it for so long, people actually take it “for granted.”  I don’t think people believe the propaganda fully, and take the statement with a grain of salt.  However, even this partial belief proves deadly to Taiwan.  Let me try to explain it below (I think it is kind of complicated so I don’t know if I can show it clearly, but anyway…)

To a Foreigner Who Has No In Depth Understanding of Taiwan:  When a foreigner who have no understanding of Taiwan heard this propaganda, he/she might not believe it fully in that he/she knows that right now Taiwan is not part of China.  However, he/she is unable to deny such claim in any way, therefore, he/she will likely choose to believe that there is some truth behind this claim.  The usual conclusion they reach would be similar to the following “Taiwan is currently independent, but it is supposed to be part of China (legally).  Therefore, although I might sympathize with Taiwan’s situation, there is nothing wrong for China to “unify” Taiwan…”  They might even go so far as to feel sorry for China because it is still struggling to “unify lost territories.”  They will also be totally confused by all the names such as ROC, PRC, Chinese Taipei, Taiwan Province of China etc etc.  In this case, propaganda leads to confusion, which leads to less support for Taiwan.  (The situation is really like a tug of war, China will say one thing, and pan-green Taiwanese supporters will say another.  A foreigner who has no idea would think that the truth probably lies somewhere “in the middle.”  But by going “in the middle” they are actually falling into Chinese trap, because what China says is complete BS…but because China says it the loudest, it is able to pull some in its way.)

To Taiwanese Themselves:  This propaganda creates a lot of problems even among Taiwanese themselves.  The best way to described it is a psychological problem called “identity crisis.”  That is indeed the best way to describe it.  The propaganda often confuse the issues of culture, language and nationhood.  Taiwanese feel they are different from Chinese, but at the same time they use the same language.  Taiwanese also has a culture different from China’s, but at the same time, Chinese culture is indeed part of Taiwanese culture.  All these are actually not a big deal, but the problem arise when the propaganda linked and equate Chinese culture with Chinese claim of Taiwan.  Anyone with a clear head will note the falsehood immediately (ex. Canada, US and Australia not part of UK.  And Singapore not part of China)  However, because this propaganda has be driven deep into the mind of Taiwanese, there are still a lot of Taiwanese who can only think “inside the box.”  However, recently, there are more and more Taiwanese who is able to see through the box, but I do not know how many.

To Governmental Officials: The confusion doesn’t just go on in the public, but even governments of different countries are mostly confused.  This is quite evident in the US.  The US has vast interested in Asia Pacific, therefore, their officials often have to say something about China and Taiwan etc.  However, it is very clear that a lot of them have absolutely no clue to what the TRA says etc.  Some of them are even totally confused as to what their own US policy toward China and Taiwan is.  Some of them, I would even say, are influenced heavily by Chinese propaganda.

Taiwanese officials are not much better.  Especially the older KMT elite member, including Ma himself, are totally pro-China and seem to have this “big China dream” of some sort.  The recent misconduct of the retired generals are very good examples and evidences.  Interestingly, although their actions are filled with pro-China evidence, they try very hard to hide it when they speak, especially during the election.  They might even “get angry or nervous” when people point it out.  They, IMO, are a lost bunch…they will never be able to go outside of their current frame of mindset.

Ignorance brings tragedies, and Pen is indeed mightier than the Sword.  But, to be optimistic, I am pretty sure there are ways to peel away this layers of propaganda piled on by the CCP and KMT for the past…6 decades…but it is going to take time and effort.