China Expansion

Michael Turton’s blog brought out some interesting new development.  And also this report linked on his blog.

Firstly a big applause to Charles Tannock, chairman of the European Parliament-Taiwan Friendship Group.  Finally a 3rd party that has the balls to stand up to WHO chairwoman Chan and her master in China.  He also focused on the main issue, which is the change of status.  This is indeed very good.

However, there is indeed the branding issue, namely the poor name, Chinese Taipei, which was agree upon by KMT 30 years ago.  The name simply brings confusion and should be changed eventually.  I think mostly KMT agreed to this name because there is a “Chinese” in it.  Once again, KMT’s “China” policy put Taiwan in a bad spot.  Nevertheless, this is separated issue that need to be dealt with over the long term… (again, this is the reminder to Taiwanese, be vigilant about names and status, because once those are set, they are difficult to change)

The South China Sea situation really got me thinking…China is indeed trying to expand and flex its muscle where-ever possible.  In the past, China was only aggressive against Taiwan.  But now it seems its ambition is indeed much larger.

This is indeed very contradictory to the usual picture painted by Chinese official and western (or Chinese) media.  Chinese officials always use phrases such as “peace” and “economic development” whenever possible.  Western media very often focus solely on Chinese economic development…probably mainly because that’s what most westerners want to know, where is the hot market etc.

Like Mr. Turton pointed out many times before, China now shift its attention and ambition else where now that it subdue Taiwan through Ma.  Therefore, there are now rising tensions else where.  In another word, China is the source of the tension, and it just shifts it around.  It is also interesting to note that China seems to always deal with others in the divide and conquer fashion.  Before, it be-friendly the ASEAN countries to isolate Taiwan.  Also, it forces Philippine to turn against Taiwan.  Now it is dealing with ASEAN countries on the South China Sea problem individually, not as a whole.  As pointed out by the Asian Sentinel article, some ASEAN countries don’t want to attract China “attention” and therefore do not show support for Vietnam and Philippine.   What we all should know though, is that this is a divide and  conquer strategy…therefore one cannot avoid the tension, eventually the “tension” will turn to you.  In this situation, the best thing to do is actually to unite and resist.  But boy…I don’t think optimum scenario will happen because most of the politicians in Asia Pacific are short sighted bureaucrats that would rather avoid troubles than think in the longer term.   Plus each countries have their own agenda of course.  But we will see what happens.

So it is quite clear…China is indeed trying to expand its influence.  Be it South China Sea or WHO.  And the only way to stop this is probably for everyone  to  just have some balls, like Mr. Tannock.

Update: another European Parliament member that is friendly to Taiwan, Hans van Baalen, visited Taiwan and talked to students.  I like his view point and advice.  And kudos to 林睿哲 for the successfully invitation.


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