Thought On DPP’s 10 Years Policy Outlook (十年政綱)

Recently I tried to spare some time reading DPP’s 10 Years Policy Outlook (十年政綱).  I did not read the whole thing because I am more interested in only certain sections that contains topics in economy, domestic development, government finance, national security, foreign policy, strategy and education.  But the thing is indeed very comprehensive, covering wide range of topics that would be interesting to different group of people who are concerned about Taiwan’s future.

Some after thought on this:

Vision & Direction: the 10 years policy outlook IMO is well written strategy paper.  Everything stated within is aligned with a clear general strategy.  Thus it provides a clear vision and provided strategic directions on how to reach that vision.

Parts I Like: I especially like the section on national strategy, foreign policy and regional development strategy.  I also think it is an improvement that DPP considers the national security issues seriously, which a lot of politicians in Taiwan fail to do I think.

Feasibility: IMO overall the plan is feasible within 10 years, but some parts would be a lot more difficult than the others.  Also, things could change in the next decade, so future adjustment to the policy is also possible.  However, the purpose of the paper is to convey the general principles and strategies of DPP’s national policy.  In other word, it is trying to set a right direction, not yard sticks.  On this DPP is indeed acting more mature and responsible than KMT, which set some ridiculous and childish benchmarks (633, stock index reaching 20,000 etc) to woe the electors.

In conclusion, I think the direction set by the paper is correct.  The implementation will depends on Tsai and her team’s ability to execute, number of legislator seats DPP can get and other factors.  However, correct direction IMO is most important…what use is a fast car if you keep driving in the wrong direction.  Plus, lots of evidences have shown that DPP’s ability to execute exceed that of KMT (in terms of more economical and higher quality in less time).

UPDATE: another thought just occurs to me.  A lot of people feel that many reform (of different degrees) have to be made (example: the justice system), and DPP, with its experience during Chen’s term and the public feedback over the past 3 years seem to have recognize that, as can be felt within this 10 years policy outlook.  However, if DPP is going to accomplish what is specified with this paper, it will have to challenge some of the existing special interest group.  On this front DPP’s ex-president Chen has not been very successful, and KMT actually also have used the support of these types of group to bring Chen down.  Therefore, DPP should think ahead about how to overcome these types of challenges.  One thing it needs to do IMO is to use the 10 Years Policy Outlook not only to gather support for election, but also to gather support of reform if DPP wins the election…


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