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Worth A Read

This piece is worth a read.

You can say that Mr. 曹長青 is too conservative but he has some good point.  I also think that a lot of slogans DPP used during election are not clear and can give people the wrong impression.  The two slogans I do not like the most are 公平正義, which will remind Taiwanese of communism, and 大聯和政府,which sounds more idealistic than practical.

公平正義 is a prime example of bad slogan.  I think that what DPP wants to express here is to lower the payment and benefits to the government officials, and use the money for other more beneficiary purpose.  However, the slogan just sounds like DPP can be the judge of what is right and wrong, which is just too arrogant and too dictatorial like, and I think a lot of Taiwanese will be picky on that.  Therefore, DPP really needs to be careful of its slogans.

Also, some of DPP’s people really have to think about the party’s alignment, because I think actually a lot of Taiwanese do not like left leaning party.  Taiwanese ethic and culture believes more in people trying to stand on their own two feet, that is why the song 愛拼才會贏 is so popular in Taiwan.  Instead of just using left wing thinking like “fair” society etc, DPP should also think more along the line of creating more opportunities and create good environment for investment (without relying on China, which will create huge problems for Taiwan later).