The Tide Finally Change

Hahaha, haven’t blog for a long time.  But the recent event is definitely worth a blog.

After many years of blue/green deadlock and the more recent pan blue dominance, the climate seems to finally change.  In the recent nine-in-one local election, KMT suffers a huge defeat.

I suppose this is partly due to the weak candidates that pan blue put out, but more importantly, I think this is partly a reflection of people’s worsening impression of KMT as a whole (especially younger generations).  There are a lot of different things that contribute to this, and probably different people see different issues.  Some see KMT’s sellout of Taiwan to China, some see the failed promises (especially economic promises, where KMT thought itself as the expert, but really, all they can come up with is China, China, China, and nothing else…IMO they completely miss the mark on how to improve Taiwan economically), some see worsening cronyism and government corruption…etc etc.  You can make a huge list on this, but the point is…under KMT, things seem to get worse.

Another way to look at it though, is that there are definitely something new, something very different going on.  I think that the younger generation has finally join into the politic discussion of Taiwan, and with them, the new technology and culture.  This is especially evident in Taipei City election, where Dr. Ko won again Mr. Lien, using a complete different strategy and tactics.

In any case, the hope for Taiwan now, I think, is that non-pan-blue elements can hold or even advance further…keep KMT out of power for at least 10 years.  This can force KMT to change fundamentally or fall apart completely, in which case, another political party can take over.  Part of Taiwan long time problem has always been KMT’s illegally gained deep pocket and other legacy left from martial law era.  So if the non-pan-blue does a good job, they have a chance to really change Taiwan for the better.

But then again, to be a practical pessimist, KMT is no push-over, and the Empire might strike back.  This is only the beginning.  There would be many more challenges ahead for Taiwan, I am sure.

More Thoughts 1:  In any case, it proves once again that…democracy, although not anywhere near perfect, is better than other system…just look at what is going on in Hong Kong and compare…

More Thoughts 2:  I think that history might put the Sun Flower Movement as the turning point of this whole thing, and I would agree.  The movement literally saved Taiwan from the point of no-return.  But what is probably equally important and interesting, are the events that lead up to the Sun Flower Movement, and how it affects the events after.


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