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Don’t Say “It Does Not Matter Whomever Get Elected?”

A lot of pan-blue supporters who pretend to be “neutral” or people who do not care so much about public matters like to use this phrase “it does not matter whomever get elected” ever since there is an election.

But of course it matters.  Maybe shit won’t happen to you, but it might happens to your children.

Look at today’s (or maybe it was out yesterday, I don’t know) news:

現在國二生適用 / 四書列高中必選 不及格不能畢業

THIS IS TERRIBLE.  A totally brainless and backward education policy that is so bad and “China Center”.  It cannot get any worse than this.  (On a second thought, under Ma, worse things are possible) Would this absolutely terrible policy happens under DPP administration?  NO.

This terrible policy is not a matter of blue or green, it is an atrocity to our next generation’s education.  Would today’s corporation welcome this policy?  No, because how does studying 四書 help them become more effective employees?  Do students like this?  Absolutely not.  It is a complete waste of their time.  This only people that would like this is the absolute deep blue that still live in 10th century probably.

Give the students time to immerse themselves in subjects that are more important and useful.  If some students like to study 四書 (which I doubt there are many), let them.  Make 四書 an elective.  But making them mandatory is an absolute tyranny.


A Good Indication that Some People in Taiwan Still Don’t Understand Taiwan Itself

This ridiculous mistake is a good indication how bad Taiwan’s history education is.  Any person with some sort of common sense about Taiwan’s history would not have made such idiotic mistake.  And this mistake comes from the military.  I guess under Ma administration even the military personnels become brain-dead.

KMT at it Again

KMT just never gets tired of it.  They love Chinese history so much, to the point that they have to force every students to study more Chinese history, whether people are interested or not. 

To this day, many Taiwanese are still extremely fuzzy about their own history.  Taiwan is not big, and its recorded history is approximately 400 years, so there is no reason that Taiwanese should be so ignorant of their own history.  The only reason is the long time bias of KMT to filled the majority of geography and history material with China. 

If it’s up to me, I will seperate the history into 2 parts, Taiwan history and world history, with 1:1 ratio.  Chinese history will be included within the world history.  World history will be seperated by regions, Asia, Europe, America etc, but with a common and comparable timelines.  People who are more interested in particular history of a country (China, Japan, Korea, UK, US etc) can take up electives for them.

It’s time to give the students a broader perspective of the world as well as a deeper understanding of their own land!