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KMT Never Learns

As shown in the video, KMT plans to let corporation build hotels on current wet land in 彰化.  The plan just looks extremely ridiculous.  Even if we just consider in economic term, the natural wet land is a good spot for bird watch and recreational purpose.   Why destroy such land to build hotels?

This reminds me of what happned in Sun-Moon Lake.  Originally, Sun-Moon Lake area looks much better than the it is now.  But a bunch of hotels etc are built right beside the lake.  This totally destroy the natural sight.  Sure, there are still tourists going there, but for the older people know.  The know that it used to be better.  With its current state, it’s no longer considered a first class tourism spot.

Now KMT seems to be at it once again.  They seem to be driven mad by the desire to build hotels…What for?  When you destroy the natural beauty of the land, what’s the point of the hotels?  Why kill the chicken to get the egg?  The reasoning is quite obvious.  KMT is extremely short-sighted and never has a good strategic plan of development.  They just want to build fast, even if the results are extremely lousy.  

貓空纜車 is a prime example.  If someone thinks that only Ma is stupid enough to build 貓空纜車, then they are too naive.  The fact is, it’s not just Ma, construction without proper planning and assessment are built into the gene of KMT.

(Now I think of it…KMT’s short-sightness is actually quite common in all areas, not just in construction and land usage.  Considering ECFA and other KMT policies…they all have this type of characteristic.)