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Why Not Take Advantage of This Instead?

This is fairly interesting.  However, Kaohsiung City can actually take advantage of this, because it can actually be a differentiating factors (other places have Chinese tourists, but Kaohsiung City has none…that is very special).  As there are less Chinese tourists, Kaohsiung City can concentrate on attracting tourists from other places, including domestic tourists.  This will differentiate Kaohsiung City from Taipei City, and make Kaohsiung City stands out.

Also, as can be seen in the graph here, Chinese tourists do not necessary mean bigger profit for the tourist industry. 

Complaining about Ma government not responding to this is useless, but there are actually 2 things Taiwanese can do that will help out this situation greatly.  First, visit Kaohsiung City for vacations.  Second, boycotting tourism in China.  There are a lot more Taiwanese visiting China than Chinese visiting Taiwan. 

Edit: might as well put the Kaohsiung travel advertising site link here.  Some nice photos in it.