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Good Counter Point

Mr. Turton has a good counter point to Ted Galen Carpenter and the usual pro-China western academia crowd.


In Depth Discussion

In depth discussion and analysis:

Section 1,2,3 are particularly good IMO.  Section 6 also has some nice answers.

The discussion does not seem to mention much about solutions.  Maybe their recommendation is in the report, I don’t know.  But I guess knowing the problem is half the battle.  (Actually the end of section 6, there is a clarifications on the recommendation and solution.)

Another Excellent Blog on The Recent Issue with China and Philippine

Another excellent blog on the same issue: 轉移焦點的招數每次都會有效嗎??

Like I mentioned before, Philippine is not stupid.  When Ma government act like this, I don’t think even the pan-red(blue) people take him seriously.  International relation sometimes seems ridiculously complex and stupid, but IMO the underlining principle seems quite simple: if you don’t respect yourself and others, others will not respect you.  And the core of the problem, like the blog pointed out, is not the Philippine (or South Korea) but something along the lines of “a collective fear of the gradual loss of sovereignty to China”.  This is what Taiwanese might be worried about: “what if I also did something that somehow displeased Chinese government, would I also get send to China regardless of where I am?”  That is the tyranny of fear Ma puts Taiwan under, perhaps even more terrifying than the thousands missiles China placed across the strait.

Good Blog Post

Another nice blog post by Mr. Keating:

More Good Info on the Yang Incident

Pfge did a very good job of collecting the facts and analysis over the past few days here:


Taiwanese Poll Explained

A more in-depth view about Taiwanese opinions in polls explained by Nat Bellocchi in Taipei Times.  It’s really worth a read because a lot of foreigners have sometimes misinterpret the polls I think.

An Interesting Interview From Liberty Times

This is a very interesting interview from Liberty Times.

The analogy in the last paragraph is particularly interesting.  The problem of how to allow Taiwan to benefit more from international trade instead of the current sticky situation always linger in my mind.  I think this guy is onto something, and DPP’s strategic policy which chairwoman Tsai mentioned before seems to be in the right direction.  Now I guess the important thing is deriving correct and concrete plans from this strategy.

The 撲殺 Message Incident

Interesting detail on the recent internet incident in Taiwan.  I think several interesting things are very important:

  • Promoting violent behaviour or solution on the internet is wrong, and should be discouraged.
  • However, this incident does show that there are strong anxiety, frustration, anger…negative emotions regarding ECFA among some people.  I think there are many realizing their future are really in jeopardy.  However, it is difficult to tell just how many are worried.
  • One interesting thing is indeed…this guy’s background does not sound like a traditional pan green supporters.  My feeling on him is mixed.  If it is indeed the case that the guy was pan-blue turning pan-green or neutral turning pan-green, then it’s good that he sees through Ma’s deceptive nature.  However, he should express his opinion in rational way instead of emotional and careless threatening statement.
  • Pan-blue media never changes.  Once again the seize the opportunity to promote their own agenda with spicy and emotional statements.

Update: Another incident that once again shows the anxiety amoung young to middle age group of people It also seems the pan blue are becoming a bit paranoid lol.

Confusion of View Points

Michael Turton has a very good analysis on the confusion of Washington and local agenda in the US establishment thinking. IMO, this analysis uncovered the problems and confusions of the US establishment thinking that explained a lot of the mind boggling US policies toward Taiwan.  Mr. Turton also pointed out the same problem year after year, but I think this one could be the most powerful and clear demonstration of the problem.  Really worth a read.

Interesting Research: The Science of Walking in Circle

Tottoro posted a very interesting blog on the German research and how it relates to Ma administration’s behaviour:

It is very interesting.  For pan green though we also have to be aware not to make such mistake.