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True? :-D

Haha…this is so true.  Will Taiwan make the right decision in 2012?  We will see.

(Edit: but then again…what is up with Ma’s 讚妹團?  Those girls certainly look foolish.  But actually, that is a perfect example of guys thinking with their d**k instead of their brain.  Those girls probably made a bunch of money (although if I am a girl I won’t want to dance around and looking like a fool).  And this act of objectify girls might actually irritate some women.  So Ma is probably the real fool here.)


On The Hindsight…Lee Kuan Yew is Probably An Idiot

The document from Wikileak.  Now I know why this Wikileak thing is controversial, because it just shows how stupid some of these “world leaders” could be.  Check Singapore Leader, Lee Kuan Yew’s opinion on various things, especially regarding China, during 2007 (some of the info we already know, but some is new).   In 2007, you might say, well, maybe what he said make some sense.  But now after 3 years, in 2010, with a lot of different things changing in between, and now you look back at his general opinion, and you realize…well, maybe he is just short sighted and totally wrong.

Good Post Comparing TSMC and Foxconn

A very good comparison between TSMC and Foxconn.

Again, it is worth emphesize, success of Foxconn does not mean success for Taiwan.  Similarly, failure of Foxconn does not mean failure of Taiwan. 

I also find the auther, Mr. 黃天麟, consistently put out some nice insightful posts on Liberty Times.  Keep up the good work, Mr. 黃.

Another funny thing I notice (although I don’t know if that happens to everyone) is that when I type “Liberty Times” in google, Liberty Times (自由時報) is the first one to show up on the list.  I don’t know if the management at Liberty Times knows that they actually have a nice brand name there.  Seriously, what better name than “Liberty” for a newspaper…

The Burning, The Blockade and The Smear

I was very busy over the past month, so there is no time for me to write stuff.  But these recent events really piss me off somewhat. 

The first one is the burning of the Taiwanese singer, Selina, during filming involving explosives in Shanghai.  The second is Chinese officials’ blocking in Tokyo Film Festival, which prevent Taiwanese actors and actress to walk the green carpet.  The 3rd just happens yesterday, in Guangzhou 2010 asian para games in China, where Taiwanese Taekwondo competitor, Yang, got disqualified because of accusation of socks problems.

These stuffs are not related, and I am not involved of course, but adding them together make me feel the need to release the rage a little.  They all involve Taiwanese women getting hurt in China or by Chinese officials.  The first one it’s both physical and emotional.  The second one it’s emotional (twice).  The third one IMO is a personal insult.  I am sure all these women are strong in their own way, and with their family and friends’ support, they will get over it somehow.  But still I feel pissed off.

I know for the 3rd, there still requires some clarifications on details…I might be biased, like many Taiwanese now, but based on current information, I am heavily leaning on Chinese officials meddling the affair.  Especially Chinese Taekondo Association’s official, 趙磊, could be really problematic.  Unfortunately…I think only a few Taiwanese media will try to find out what exactly happened.

At the same time, now some people, especially KMT supporters, once again try to direct public discontent over this incident toward South Korea, and ignore China.  Now I just find this retarded.  South Korea is not even involved in this shit.  Sure, one of the judge is Korean by ethnicity, but that’s one guy.  Furthermore, he was told by趙磊 to stop the match basically (in you watch the video over the incident).  Can you blame the US for the 2008 Olympic Baseball’s rigged schedule that result in Taiwanese team’s loss just because baseball originated in the US?  No.  Speaking of which, did any M****r F*****g officials follow-up on that shit?  Anyway, I think the public should focus the attention on the matter that just happen in China, not some 3rd party that is not even directly involved.

With all these bad news for Taiwanese women, fortunately there is one good news.  The Electronic Sport League (ESL) EU Crowns Taiwan’s Linda champion in second ESL EU female gaming tournament of Starcraft 2.  Yea, who gives a flying f**k about Guangzhou 2010?  Starcraft 2 tournament is more fun to watch.

Sounds Like An Interesting Book

I think the article is very informative.  The book mentioned sounds very interesting, and a lot of things it mentioned seem to hit the critical key points.

Hong Kong’s Unknown Future

Interesting Article form Taipei Times

Some pro-China politicians in Taiwan often looks at Hong Kong and describe it as the success of 1 country 2 system policy of China.  Their argument often goes like this “hey, Hong Kong turns out alright.  If it works for Hong Kong, it must work for Taiwan.”  Some even goes so far as saying the system in Hong Kong which limited political freedom is better than the direct democratic system of Taiwan.  Again, this type of argument is often based on cultural and racial biases  (Democracy does not work for Asian people), advocated by Asian dictators in China and Singapore etc.  Some in the west even agree (a liberal society with authoritarian rule in Hong Kong seems to work out quite well.)

The fact is, Hong Kong and Taiwan is completely different in so many ways.  Putting aside their stupid argument that Hong Kong’s system is better, the fact that it is so different, using Hong Kong as a support for 2 systems, 1 country for Taiwan is quite ridiculous.  On top of that, the recent violent protests in Hong Kong shows that there are actually many problems and some people in Hong Kong are fed up with them.  So Hong Kong is not a so called good example that Taiwan should look up to.

The cold reality is, only when it comes to money and turf, democracy becomes important, to the point that people could actually risk their lives for it.  Before, I am sure most Hong Kong people are just uncertain and have some anxiety about what will happens, that is why they are relatively calm, and no one actually tried to get a full democratic system to work.  Hey, if it isn’t broken, why fix it?  However, IMO, people have miscalculated.

During the British rule, does UK really give a sh*t about Hong Kong?  No.  And that is why Hong Kong is successful.  It is exactly because no one gives a sh*t about it that it turns out OK even though there is no democratic system in place.  Because in this codition, the benefits of democratic system does not stand out.  Now, China is a much closer and much more authoritative regime, could it actually let Hong Kong have its free style way?  This, people should be alarmed already.  China “cares” about Hong Kong in so many way.  In fact, Hong Kong is part of the key of Chinese economic investment node.  Because it “cares,” money, land and opportunity become big issues, and that is where people start to wish for a good democratic system.

Another interesting observation is how the society of Hong Kong has sacrifice the weakest among the society for profit.  It is quite interesting how they bring excessive competition to the young, and the living condition of the poor is really…intolerable.  All this does not happen over night…this is an accumulated policy result of the past few years.

Everyone says competition is good.  No, only “fair” competition is good.  The political system in Hong Kong has created this mutated society in which unfair advantages have been given to the big corporation, new Chinese workers and the pro-China groups…discontent will only grow.  But perhaps eventually it will die down again, who knows. 

Like in Taiwan, in the past, children of new comers (mainlanders that follow the KMT), were given unfair advantage in educational system in Taiwan.  Of course, after a while people just got used to it, and think, well, my life turn out to be OK as well.  It’s nice to be contend.   However, if you look at it as a whole, you realize how much sacrifice Taiwanese has to give for this unfair treatment.  How many that could have become more educated, lost the opportunity?  How many have to sacrifice their youth and time, just to squeeze in, while some others could get a 60% mark and still get into top Universities?

Unfortunately the truth is, the wrong policy setup by the 40 to 60 years old people often effect the next young generation.  Their wrong decision or laziness will not effect them, because they are probably dead or enjoying their retirement already.  However, the young will suffer the consequences.  Hong Kong certainly looks like this.  If the older generation has some balls to ask for more democratic system under the more lenient British rule, they are more likely to succeed, because hey, who in the UK cares?  If the voice is loud and noisy enough.  But because the previous generation does not do this, now the next generation has too…and under a much worse situation.

Or perhaps I think too much.  Does it really matter?  Even if a proper democratic system is setup in Hong Kong, will China not manipulate and castrate the system?

Disaster in Haiti

Unfortunately I do not know much about Haiti.  However, the recently Haiti earth quake turned out to be a huge disaster… A blogger with more detail summary.  It is also worth knowing that Haiti is one of the few countries with a diplomatic tie with Taiwan.  However, the country has been plaque with gang fights and poverty.

Taiwanese rescue team also found a survivor

More report from Liberty Time

What Can Taiwan Learn from The Google Incident

The recent Google incident are still on going.  However, already, Taiwan can learn a few valuable lesson from it.

Cyber warfare: The act of cyber warfare is now real and is already ongoing, although its effectiveness is still questionable.  From the incident, we learn that China has engaged in cyber war for at least the past several years, and its target is not just Google.  Although nothing is disclosed, we can suspected that other major internet service providers are targets as well.  If the US companies have been constantly hacked for the past several years, there is no telling how many companies in Taiwan have been hacked.  Perhaps they did not even know they have been hacked.  I am wondering if the major Taiwanese corporations’ valuable data and information systems have been infiltrated already.

The Implication of Economic Integration: all this sh*t started when Google decided to enter the Chinese market.  Of course Taiwan has also already in the Chinese market, but could further integration, especially the banking and financial sector,  really benefit Taiwan.  Looking at the mistake made by Google,…one really has to wonder if this ECFA thing is even worth discussing, and what would be the price of ECFA.  Furthermore, Google, with its own monopolistic search engine market position, also has a powerful US government to back its exit decision up (or renegotiate if Google choose to soften its stance).  However, can Taiwanese corporations choose to exit China when it wants to?

This is really an interesting development indeed…

A Comprehensive Introductory Video of Taiwan

The video (split in 5 parts) was made by Taiwanese exchange students in Czech.  It’s the most comprehensive video of its kind.  Kudos to those who made it.  Really well done.  Some parts like the traditional Taiwanese opera in part 2 might still be very difficult for foreigners to understand, but most of the video should be interesting to anyone.

Most Terrifying…

This is one of the most shocking  and terrifying news I heard recently.  They are teaching Chinese way of pronouciation of Mandarin now.  To a foreigner, this might not seem like a big deal, but to a Taiwanese parent I can imagine how shocking it is.  There is a difference between the Mandarin in Taiwan and Mandarin in China, but now the school is teaching the Chinese way.  The implication is not just Ma’s next step to gradually intergrate Taiwan into China, but also of the terrible thought that the next generation will lost their heritage and become more Chinese than Taiwanese.

They joke about it in the show, but I cannot even laugh at it because this is the most terrible thing a government education system can do to its people: steal their children away from the parents without permission and make them into “another group of people” that will not only have generation gap but huge culture gap with the previous generations.